In-Vase Meat (2023, Ongoing)

In-Vase Meat (2023, Ongoing)

BioArt and Design / Critical and Speculative Design

Collaborated with Shurong Yang
Proposal for Science Gallery Atlanta “THERMAL” open call

With the growing problems of climate change, environmental pollution and animal rights violations caused by traditional animal farming, Indoor Cellular Agriculture(ICA) systems are becoming a common way to produce home-cultivated meat in the kitchen as a laboratory in the future. In-vase meat is the meat produced by this kind of Indoor Cellular Agriculture.

The in-vase meat is cultured in a special Bio-vase, which is a derivative of indoor cellular agriculture. It is inspired by the traditional practice of kimchi pickling. In the Bio-vase, the surface of the vegetables is used as a biological growth scaffold, the vegetables are inverted and submerged in a cell-filled growth solution, which allows cells to grow along the surface of the vegetables.

This project depicts an alternative agricultural future where merges cellular cultivation and indoor farming together to reimagine not only the production and transportation of meat but an entire lifestyle. This has turned traditional kitchens into cultivated meat laboratories, replacing the industrialised farms of traditional animal husbandry. Meanwhile, the use of cultured meat biotechnology to produce meat products is more conducive to environmental sustainability and protects animal welfare, while meeting human demand for meat.

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