Fairy Dairy Farm (2023)

Fairy Dairy Farm (2023)

Bio Design / Critical and Speculative Design / Social Media Art

Project website: https://fairydairyfarm.com/

Fairy Dairy Farm Project depicts a fictional urban dairy farm, Fairy Dairy Farm, which both saves cows from slaughterhouses and maintains the beef culture by growing mushrooms, a common beef alternative, on infertile and sterile cows.

This project proposes a tongue-in-cheek solution for cows, which will be sent to the slaughterhouse once they reach the end of their productive life or can no longer provide sufficient dairy products. Meanwhile, this solution also speculates an alternative method to make mushrooms taste more beef-like and produce beefier meat alternatives.

The project seeks to draw attention to cows' rights, discuss the ethics of the current dairy industry, and inspire collective imagination about meat alternatives by introducing Fairy Dairy Farm on social media.  By doing so, I built an official website for this farm, designed a series of farm products, and communicated this speculative and experimental idea on social media.

At the level of visualisation and communication of speculations, generative AI techniques facilitate and empower the storytelling process. I experiment extensively with various AIGC tools and embrace the method as a powerful enabler in creating this project.

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